X-Ray Belt Scanning

Almex Group has specialized non- destructive testing equipment optimized for the inspection of bolts and critical structural members of a vulcanizer. This equipment quickly identifies problems that could lead to catastrophic failures and injuries.

Additional tests to ensure all safety components are present and functioning and employees are trained in the proper equipment assembly and operation can eliminate costly failures and injury.

A primary benefit of the Almex Global Service Program is improved or increased uptime of your equipment. Many companies are frequently in need of additional equipment because units are non-functioning or in need of repair.

Services Include:

Splice Quality Assurance

  • Ability to provide accurate indepth visualization of the internal workings of Steel Cable splices
  • Ability to measure cable pitch and rubber flow
  • Ability to confirm splices are followed correctly to the manufactures specifications

Spot Checks

  • The X-Ray systems works in partnership with the Belt Scanning system currently operated by Shaw Almex
  • Upon belt scanning completion the X-Ray unit can provide accurate interpretation of critical damage events within the conveyor belt.