Refurbish & Repair

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ALMEX products are built to last, but that does not mean your older ALMEX Equipment should be neglected.

Our Almex Global Services Staff can restore the parts and finish to your ALMEX press and make it as good as new and set to last another 5000 splices.

See what we were able to do for ERIK’s recently:

Case Study: RAB Vulcanizer used in coal mines in Virginia

ERIKS North America has an RAB in Roanoak Virginia used in above and below ground coal mining. The RAB is 100PSI and used for large heavyweight plied belt splicing.

Below is a photo of the press as it was received by Almex Global Services at our Decatur location.


The frame was undamaged but well used. The platens had seen better days.


The Almex Global Service team refinished and painted the frame, replaced the platens and elements and delivered the press back to ERIKS North America in as-good-as-new condition.


The press is back in Roanoak, Virginia and back to splicing their belts in the field.


For more information, please contact a regional office. For Refurb and Repair inquiries call: +1-800-Y-SPLICE