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Almex Global Services has taken on projects in remote and difficult locations such as Bangladesh, Algeria, Panama, Armenia and Papua New Guinea. No organization has more sophisticated equipment to tackle the challenging sites and no project is too remote, too difficult or too large for Almex Global Service’s professional team of bulk material specialists.

Almex Global Services has industry experts with years of experience and training that can be on site to provide their expertise and skill for your install and setup or any issue assessment and resolution needs.

Belt Rigging and Installation

Across borders, down mountains or through tunnels, Almex Global Services engineers will design and plan a safe installation of your conveyor belt using advanced braking and rigging equipment.

Quality Assurance

Quality control is key during critical splicing projects. Our Almex Global Services experts can provide audits of systems and training to ensure splice quality and optimal belt setup.

Conveyor Belt Splicing

Whether wide feeder belts, vertical conveyors and the worlds’ largest steel cable belts are part of your site, Almex Global Services guarantee a reliable, high quality splice that will last the life of the belt.

Tank Lining & Pulley Lagging

Difficult to apply in adverse field conditions, Almex Global Services ensures the right procedures, quality products and care are taken to ensure long-lasting pulley lagging and tank lining installations.

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